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About our accessories

For our accessories section we have chosen to have a curated selection that makes it easy for you to navigate. You will find products from our suppliers Joma and Macron, both of whom are known for their great design. Both of these brands are used by several Premier League, La Liga and Serie A clubs, which means you can be sure of its high quality.

We sell anything from base layers to ball and bibs and recently added medical bags from Masita with the contents you need for first aid and smaller injuries. We are always looking for the best products for our accessories page, and if by chance you did not find what you were looking for, do get in touch. We are in close contact with many different suppliers, and they may have what you were after in stock.

Sock tape and football boot bags

Our sock tape, or football tape as it is sometimes called, is available in all your standard colours and can be helpful in keeping your shin guards in place. The tape ensures that shin guards won’t slide up and down the leg when you do a sliding tackle. The rolls are sold in lots of 10pcs and each have a length of 20m, so just one roll would easily see you through several matches.

With our boot bags you can give your boots an extra bit of care. They are ideal for when you boots are dirty or wet meaning you won’t get mud all over the rest of your kit. You can wash the bags in the washing machines, and also use them for keeping your sock tape and other related accessories.

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