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Club clothes with custom print

Design your own club clothing with print in only 5 minutes

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Club clothes with custom print

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Do you also need club clothing with custom print for your team?

Club clothing with custom print is one of our specialities. Sportmonda is business with a strong focus on quality and service. Our goal is to always be able to supply you with the clothing to represent your team the best way possible.

Our background and mission in sales of club clothing with print

Craft club clothing with print

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Sportmonda is a young and energetic business. We sold our first round of club clothing with custom print in the spring of 2013 and have since gained solid experience and knowledge about club clothing for teams. While building our experience and knowledge, our drive to become the very best has only intensified.

We want to be the best in the market when it comes to accessibility, service and choice. We believe all teams deserve a fantastic team kit that represents exactly who they are.

Old fashioned suppliers of clothes for clubs often have arduous processes and expensive prices. Equally smaller teams may find themselves severely limited in terms of available options. As people who have practiced sports ourselves this has happened to us several times - the goal of Sportmonda is to be the kind of supplier we wish we had, when we were looking to buy custom printed club clothes.

What makes a good club kit?

From our point of view there are several factors that need to match up, to make a team feel like you got a great club kit and value for money. That is why it is important to select a supplier with great knowledge about club kits and passion for sports.

We have chosen to identify our key priorities for club kits this way:

These three areas were the most important to us, when we ourselves wanted to purchase club kids. All of our work in regards to selecting and testing products is based on these priorities.

Club jerseys from Sportmonda are always high quality

Macron football club clothing

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As mentioned, a high quality is one of our key parameters when selecting stock for our range of club kits for i.e. football. What we consider high quality aligns with new developments in technology and knowledge and as such it remains moveable.

However we do work with some basic understandings of what standards we believe club jerseys and other sportswear should meet. In looking at quality we consider two perspectives: One is quality related to technology i.e. sweat wicking and air circulation. The other is durability and resistance to wear.

The technology and materials used for club clothing constantly evolve. What was considered high quality 5-10 years ago and was only available to professional teams, is today the standard for most manufacturers. That is why it is important to us to use suppliers who are among the best, and who continuously research and work to develop their products. This is why Italian brand Macron and Spanish Joma are some of our preferred suppliers of football club jerseys at the moment.

Resistance to wear is also one of the most important parts of the quality of club clothing. We know that club kits are subjected to a high degree of wear and tear. If a club kit should last more than one season, it is of the utmost importance that the selected products are not just attractive to look at, but are also durable enough to sustain the rough handling they will face in sports.

Club clothes in great designs

We don’t believe you can overestimate the importance of design when it comes to club clothes. The design is of massive importance to whether you feel comfortable and proud when you get into your jersey. For club kits we separate the design into two constituent parts: the base design of the jersey and the custom print.

When choosing your print design things like colour, font and placement are key. You have a lot of different options and we are always ready to assist with suggestions based on our experience.

Custom printed club clothing at decent prices

Club clothing from Joma with print

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The final factor to great club clothing is a good price. A ‘good price’ is not necessarily the cheapest available option. There should always be a connection between design, quality and price.

It is incredibly important for us that our customers feel they get value for money. A big part of our sales come from returning customers or through referrals. To get these recommendations it is therefore very important that our customers experience a reasonable connection between the quality of their club clothes and the price paid.

This is the reason why we have chosen not to work with some of the biggest brands, as we just do not feel they have better quality than our current suppliers. The price of club clothing from the big brands is often much higher than our selected manufacturers. We believe we are able to offer much better value for money with club clothing from Joma, Macron and ATMO.

We test and evaluate all club clothing ourselves

Aside from trusting the test results reported by the manufacturers themselves, we also test all the club clothing sold in our store. We test in many different ways and by several people.

We test the club clothing by using it in connection with training and other physical activity. This way we get to feel in a very literal sense the quality of the clothing, while also gauging the response from ourselves and others on the design. This is our way of ensuring that we never sell clothing we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Through cooperation with several clubs we also get feedback from external sources. This way we get the opinions from players directly, to find out what they think of the quality, fit etc. This also allows us to track the durability over time and see if it matches our expectations.

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