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Create your own football jersey

Design your own football jersey with print in only 5 minutes

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Create your own football jersey

Design examples

Do you also need football jerseys with print for your team?

There are a lot of decisions to be made when you are creating your own football jersey with custom name and number. First you have to choose a colour that makes sense.

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Most teams have certain colour combinations they have align with, depending on which club they are associated with. If this does not apply to you, the choice is yours from across the spectre. From our data we know that the most popular base colours for football jerseys are red and blue, but black and white are also growing in popularity.

Sportmonda gives you the chance to create your own football jersey based on a handful of predetermined designs. On this page you can find a sketch of a typical team kit like you would order from us. Naturally you have the choice to add a club logo, sponsor or what font you would like to use in your design.

Create your own football jersey for your team
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The model above comes in many different colours, so if you are looking for this kind of jersey, but in a different colour, you can see your options in our team kit design tool.

Create your own football jersey with name and number

When you choose to have your football jerseys made with us, you get to choose exactly what names and number you would like on the jerseys. We have a limit of 13 letters for names which ensures that the name will fit on the jersey. With numbers we ask that you choose a number between 0-99, although we have previously printed numbers like 007 - in that case, we would need to make the font slightly smaller. We do not recommend that you use letters as numbers as most tournaments will not accept this.

Football jersey with own name
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Make your own football jersey and have your club logo printed on it

Having your club logo on your football jersey just looks great. With us you get the option to have your club logo printed on your football jersey. Doing so is free of charge as long as it is one colour - this applies to all of our available kits. A club logo in more than one colour comes an extra fee, but also looks a lot more professional. If you do not have a club logo but would like to have one, you can find a freelance graphic designer on platforms like or Make sure you get the logo in .eps, .svg or as an .ai file. This will help ensure you get the best print results on your new jerseys.

We offer print in one or more colours. More colours means more work, so although we do charge an extra fee for this service, the results are often much better. You get a discount of 10% when you order more than 20 kits.

Make your own Joma brand football jersey

Sportmonda carries a range of exciting brands. One of them is Joma, a Spanish brand founded all the way back in 1965. With more than 50 years of experience they know exactly what great football gear and sportswear is made of. In the early 60s Joma sold mainly shoes and later on decided to enter the football market.

They have been creating football wear for many years now, supplying teams in the Premier League, La Liga and Series A clubs. Some do not hold Joma in the same regard as Adidas and Nike, but in fact the construction and material of the garments is the same. The only difference is the name on the tag.

Make your own football jersey from ATMO

ATMO is a Danish brand from Copenhagen. The brand was founded in 2014 and has since seen great success with their first model “ATMO Pallas”. The kit comes in three base colours; red, blue and navy. The clothes are made from 100% polyester and have been worn by an all-star team from the football app Tonsser.

Make your own football jersey for corporate football

Are you in charge of getting football jerseys for your next corporate tournament? Then we can help! We have supplied high quality corporate strips to many of the largest companies in Denmark, and are able to do express delivery and meet special requests. All you have to do is send your company logo across, and we will help you determine if it is suitable for print on our jerseys.

Football jerseys for corporate football
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Need help to make your next football jersey?

All our staff have some kind of experience doing sports. Together we have over 50 years of experience and have practised sports on all levels. That means we know from personal experience what is important to football players, when they are purchasing a new kit for their team. We can help with everything from design to print and will happily give our advice on what combination would work for your team.

In our team kit design tool we have handpicked a range of kit combinations helping you get an awesome team kit. This means that if you picked a blue jersey, you won’t get the option to pair with green shorts as these two colours don’t work well together visually. However if that was exactly the combination you had wanted, or any other unavailable combination, please do reach out to us. All designs in our design tool have been handpicked from the manufacturer. We have tried on the jerseys ourselves to make sure it has the right quality. That means you can be sure our new football jersey will meet your expectations.

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