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Design your own football kits

Design your own football kits with name and number in only 5 minutes

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Design your own football kits

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Do you also need to design your own football kits with name and number?

Has your old team kit been worn out? Or have you started a new team and want to stand out from the rest on the football field? Then design your very own football kit with name and number with us.

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We currently offer 14 different base designs to choose from and on average every jersey has more than 7 different colour options. This means there is ample opportunity to put together a kit that is exactly what you are looking for.

Design football jerseys with own print
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We have been selling football jerseys with print since 2013 and have in that time built up lots of solid experience. It is this experience we have drawn upon when you look at our kit designer. For example, you will only find kits composed of parts that match visually. This means you won’t find a red jersey with pink shorts, because we wanted to make it as easy as possible to find the kit you want. On all of our kits you can have exactly the name and number you want printed on the jersey, and we have made it easy to choose from a different print colour or font if you should wish to do so.

You probably already have a good idea in your mind of how you would like your new team football jerseys to look. Maybe you got some inspiration from your favourite football team? We know the feeling. You want to stand out from the rest, and have a team kit that makes other teams green with envy. In our experience a team kit always looks even greater with its own sponsor, club logo, name and number on the jersey. Especially having a sponsor sends a great signal to the other teams.

Don’t have a sponsor? No worries! If you choose to have the Sportmonda logo printed in place of a sponsor logo, we give you a 10% discount on your order.

Design football jerseys for corporate teams

Design football jerseys for corporate teams
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Is your corporate team in need of football jerseys for a tournament or company event? Then we can help you design your own football jerseys. We have supplied many of the big European companies and would be happy to assist you in choosing the right design for your company. Our usual delivery times to companies and corporations is 14 days, but if you need the kit sooner than that please do get in touch. We usually have a range of models in stock available for faster delivery.

One thing to be aware of when you are ordering jerseys is the print. We prefer receiving your company logo in either .eps, .svg or .ai as this gives the best print outcome. Usually a marketing department, an external design/advertising agency or such like will have these files. If it is not possible to retrieve the logo in one of these formats you may send over a .jpg or .png in high resolution - we can use that as well. We are always ready to help you design your football jerseys.

Design your own football jersey for children

Design football kits for children
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We have supplied football kits to children all over. We often hear that children’s clothes are hard to assess in terms of sizing. The children grow fast when they are young, which makes it difficult to determine what size you need for the next kit. A good rule of thumb is always ordering a size above what they use currently. This way you ensure that the jerseys can be used for another year to 18 months. A team kit tends to need replacement after two years if i it used for matches once a week, both in the summer and during the winter.

Washing sportswear

Remember to always wash your new football jerseys at no more than 30 celsius as higher temperatures will wear the print more quickly. Avoid using fabric softener as this also wears the clothes. If the clothes smell moldy, use a specialised sports detergent. Avoid tumble drying the clothes as this is the arch nemesis to your new print.

Design your own long sleeved kits

Design long sleeved football jerseys
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When you are ordering new football jersey it is always important to ask individual players or indeed the whole team, if they prefer short or long sleeves on their jerseys. Many players will have different preferences, just like you see it in the professional arena. There can be several reasons for this. Some may feel they keep warm more efficiently, and some just feel better wearing long sleeves. Other players, i.e. those who play on artificial pitches, would like to avoid nasty scrapes and in this case, long sleeves provides a much more effective protection of arms and elbows.

Design football jerseys for your football club

If your whole club needs new kits please do get in touch to discuss your options. We can offer solutions ranging from individual deals to ongoing partnerships. We have supplied many small Danish clubs, all of which have had the benefit of the great flexibility of designs we offer. A club deal can consist of your clubs own private collection that you either choose yourselves or we can choose for you. A club-wide deal will also give you the option to access discounts on your purchases.

All clubs are different and have specific requirements for their football jerseys. So do get in touch, and let us find the best solution for your club.

Get help to design your football jerseys

Sportmonda has supplied football jerseys with custom designs for several years and has lots of experience in print on players’ kits. Write us an email if you require help with your next team kit design. You can also use our website to create your own design, and we’ve made it easy for you: Start designing your own team kit and submit it to us through the website. We will then send you a proposal via email. As soon as you have accepted this, all we need from you is a list of players, sizes, club logos and sponsor logo (where applicable). When that has been received, we will mock up a drawing of the clothes and write up an order confirmation. Once everything has been approved we will start production.

The clothes are made in-house at our facility in Denmark where we check that all details are correct and do all prints ourselves. When the clothes are finished we pack it all up and ship it to you. You can expect to receive your order within 14 days. We constantly strive to make ordering your new team kit it as easy and efficient as possible.

Should you have any feedback and/or suggestions for improvement, we would love to hear from you.

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