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Esport clothing with print for small and large teams

Esport is growing rapidly right now and because of that, many companies have taken an interest in investing in the sport. One of the best ways to get exposure in Esports is through Esports clothing. The clothing functions as a billboard when fans watch the players on streaming services such as YouTube Gaming, Twitch or at LAN events.

Esport clothing
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Typically companies get the best return on investment when their logo is placed on the front of the top. This is due to players being sat in a chair facing their screen; this means the bac is hidden from view. Players will typically opt to place their alias / nickname on the back of their top. An alias is somewhat unique to Esports, where players rarely use their given name when playing.

Clothes with print for Esport

If you are in need of clothing for your Esports team we can definitely help. We have previous supplied Esports garments to teams in Denmark and have extensive experience in printing on clothes. We provide the option to have several sponsors on your top, available in one or more colours - whatever you prefer. All print is handled in-house at our facility in Denmark, which means we personally tend to all details regarding the print. We aim to deliver in 14 days, but if we have available stock on site we may be able to do it even faster. If you have a LAN event coming up and need the clothes in a hurry, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Esports tops for CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter computer game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in line of the Counter Strike series and is available Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox and Playstation. In the game two sides will play against each other: Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. The aim for each team is to eliminate the opposing side whilst solving a range of tasks. Depending on the chosen gameplay, Terrorists have to plant a bomb or protect their hostages while the Counter Terrorists have to prevent bombs being planted, disarm it or save hostages.

The biggest CS:GO team in Denmark is Astralis who are sponsored by Audi, Jack & Jones, Turtle Beach, Nocco and Twitch amongst other. The team is just three years old (founded in January 2016) and was set up by former members of Team Dignitas. Initially it was given financial support by IT millionaire Tommy Ahlers (former Minister of Education). Astralis consistently ranks at the top of the World Rank for CS:GO and has won the ELEAGUE Major (a sort of World Cup for Counter Strike) twice. Like other professional teams Astralis have their own Esports tops with their sponsor logos printed on. They also sell a range of merchandise such as sweat pants, caps, hoodies, power banks and gamer chairs. If you want your Esports team to look as good as the pros do, we can certainly help you find the right Esports clothing. Contact us today to explore your options.

Esport tops with print
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Esport jerseys for LAN events and tournaments

We can supply Esports clothes for all the big LAN events in Denmark and abroad. Choose from a wide variety of colours and styles, and add a print of your choice. The prices usually depend on the amount of print required and the size of your order. The more you order, the lower the price per item.

There are lots of LAN events and tournaments in e-gaming both in Denmark and abroad. Some of the biggest Danish tournaments include:

The eSuperliga (DK)

The eSuperliga was founded in Denmark in 2018 and consists of 16 teams, all of which will face each other once. That means the tournament takes place over 15 rounds. The tournament is made in cooperation with Dreamhack, which is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) LAN events in the world. The matches are played on console (PlayStation 4) with participants playing FIFA 19 for a DKK 365,000 prize pot. The prize money is distributed between the top 8 teams of the tournament.

The teams competing in the league are all Danish premier league teams, with the exception of FC Nordsjælland which was the only team to decline the invitation. The participating teams are AaB, AGF, AC Horsens, Brøndby, Esbjerg, FCK, FCM, FCN, Hobro, OB, Randers, SønderjyskE, Vejle, Vendsyssel, FC Helsingør, Silkeborg and Lyngby. All clubs are represented by their own Esports players who play on professional contracts. Each team has between 2-5 players and one coach.

All matches are available to view on the streaming service DPlay or Canal 9 on your TV.

Copenhagen Games

The Danish tournament is an Esports tournament previously known as SLAP LIVE. The tournament is the biggest Esports tournament in Denmark, welcoming around 1500 players from 25 countries over four days. Around 10,000 audiences drop by to watch the tournament live and thousands more stream it online.

At the event itself players face each other in several different games including CS:GO, CS:GO Ladies, Hearthstone, FIFA, Overwatch and League of Legends.The event is put together by 250 passionate volunteers who all pitch in, to create the unique setting for the event.

clothes with print for gaming
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Esport in Denmark and abroad

Esport in Denmark really took off in the late 90s and early 00s where when internet access in the home became increasingly popular. The internet made it possible to gather players from all over the country for online tournaments or LAN events. One of the biggest and oldest LAN events in Denmark is Copenhagen Games, formerly known as SLAP. The event has always been run by volunteers and dates back to 1999.

A lot of people have always seen gaming as a bit of niche and rather nerdy, but with technology increasingly embedded in our daily lives, Esport has found its way into almost all Danish homes. Not just through play, but also through live streams watching others play computer games on services such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Here you can follow popular players such as Ducksauce or Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who make huge amounts of money through donations and subscriptions to their channels.

You wouldn’t think so, but in fact Esport has more viewers now than the NHL and half of the NFL from the US. The viewer numbers for Esport grow every year, which means a lot of companies have started moving their money from traditional sports to Esports. The growing popularity of Esport is evident when you consider that 12,000 people watched the tournament BLAST Pro series unfold in November 2018 at a sold out Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The event was also transmitted to 15 channels on five continents.

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