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Football jerseys with print

Design your own football jerseys with print in only 5 minutes

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Football jerseys with print

Design examples

Do you also need to design your own football jerseys with print?

Sportmonda specialises in making and selling football jerseys with print for teams of all sizes. We have a wide range of football jerseys and would love to assist you in finding exactly the kind of print that suits you. High quality, great designs, good prices and excellent customer service are our primary focus areas when it comes to football jerseys with print.

Custom printed football jerseys with print that stand out

Joma football jerseys with print

Start your design

We believe that all teams deserve a set of football jerseys with their own print, that they can be proud of. For many teams this also means that the jerseys stand out from the pack and with us there is ample opportunity to achieve this. You can combine all parts (jerseys, shorts, socks, etc.) exactly as you want, while also having next to no limitations when it comes to print. Your imagination sets the pace.

If you want your custom printed football jerseys to stand out the colour of the print itself is a powerful tool. If you use a non-standard contrast colour, i.e. neon green on dark blue, you can be sure to get an eye catching result. Likewise your chosen font and placement of the print can make a huge difference.

In short, the options are endless regardless of whether you are looking for a classic design or design that will really stand out from everyone else. Both options have their own appeal and with our range and possibilities both are open to you.

Endless combinations

Team kit Craft with print

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We have managed to put together a strong selection of football jerseys, which combined with the high levels of choice available in regards to print, gives you countless combinations to choose from. Our hope is that this will ensure we will also be able to find a jersey and a design that is just right for you.

Our three preferred manufacturers of football jerseys are Italian brand Macron, Joma from Spain and Craft. These brands live up to our criteria that they must provide great designs and good prices, while always prioritising top quality in their goods. As further testament to their strengths we note that teams like Napoli, Lazio, Aston Villa and Getafe each play in one of the mentioned brands. Considering our love for football jerseys with print it makes perfect sense that we have taken to these brands.

The mentioned manufacturers each carry a wide range of styles and models. At the same time, all of their football jerseys are available in between 4 and 20 different shades. This means we are able to offer a huge range of base designs for your printed football jerseys. Factoring in your print options, it is fair to say you have a lot of different combinations to choose from.

If you need ideas or design options or anything in between, we would love to hear from you. We are experts at helping you find the right solution for the kind of football jerseys with custom print that suits your needs.

Do you know whether the print on your football jersey meets the regulations set out by your local football union? In Denmark DBUs has a specific set of rules, and our standard designs always live up to these rules. If you are not sure whether these rules apply where you live, drop us an email and we will look into it for you.

The rules the DBU apply to the top leagues such as as the FA Cup and beyond, but also works as a general pointer for suitable print for all other leagues and tournaments.

Rules for number and name on football jerseys with custom print

The number on the back of a football jersey should be in a single colour and centered. It is however allowed to have a slight shadow on the numbers. The number should be between 25 and 35 cm in height (20 to 35 cm for ladies).

Additionally there exists a number of regulations and permitted formats such as:

In regards to the name on the back there are also a number of regulations to keep in mind. For example the name should be in one colour and the letters must not be over 7.5 cm in height.

Rules for logos and sponsor on football jerseys with print

There are no rules regarding the layout of a club logo. However the club logo should always be placed on the chest above any potential sponsor logos. The club logo should have a surface of no more than 100 cm2. It is also permitted to have your club logo on one leg of the shorts and socks, but the surface area of the logo should be no more than 50 cm2.

Regarding the sponsor logo the rules are much more detailed and precise. Here are some of the most relevant points to keep in mind:

Affordable football jerseys

Craft football jerseys with name

Start your design

Many suppliers advertise cheap football jerseys but one should always be extra vigilant when coming across these offers. Often you will find that print or VAT are not part of the listed prices, and you risk buying a product where quality is as low as the price.

We have some of the best prices in the market, but never compromise on quality or design. We handpick all our suppliers and test all jerseys and print ourselves.

If you are looking for a great quote on football jerseys with custom print, we are able to sort you out. Have a look at our range or contact us for a non-binding quote today.

Custom print football jerseys

As a football player there is something very special about having your own football jersey with custom print. That is why we have chosen to include print in all of our prices. We want to do away with boring football kits and make sure all teams can get their hands on a cool team kit.

To make sure our customers stand out we have handpicked the best fonts for name and number print. You can choose your favourite in our design tool. Our most popular font is ‘SPA’ which is associated with the Spanish football team F.C. Barcelona. It gives you a super elegant and different touch compared to more traditional fonts, and can spice up even the most plain football jerseys.

Our jerseys are typically made from 100% polyester, which is the material used for most football wear. Some jerseys may also contain 5% Elastane which adds a bit of stretch to the jersey. Polyester is a breathable material that does not gather sweat in the way i.e. pure cotton will do.

When you have picked your jersey the next question is: What size should you go for? Our size guide contains exact measurements and pointers that can help you pick the right size. If you prefer to try on your kit before buying, we do offer a test kit service. Against a deposit equal to the value of the clothes, we send you samples of the items and sizes you require. The deposit is returned in full as soon as we receive your return of the clothes.

Football jerseys with your own name

Playing with your own name on your jersey is a special thing. You are no longer just a number. When teams come to us for their new jerseys they typically opt to have either a players last name or nickname printed on the back of the jersey. We usually recommend a maximum of 13 letters. The numbers can be anything in between 0 and 99, although usually teams tend to have numbers between 1 and 25.

Our design tool displays the number 10 as default when showing a font. We do this as a tribute to some of the great footballers who have worn this number of this years. Amongst many more these legends spring to mind: Michael Laudrup, Lionel Messi, Dennis Bergkamp, Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona and Ronaldinho. All players we have looked up to as long as we have played football.

Football jerseys from Craft

For many years Craft has been a respected brand in performance and running gear - and now they are entering the team kit arena. We and many others think they have done so in style. With styles like Craft Progress Graphic and Craft Pro Control Button, they have proven that they are amongst the best when it comes to high quality team kits at decent prices. Their kits are 100% polyester and come in classic designs suitable for all teams.

We at Sportmonda love the style Craft Pro Control Fade, which has a really cool gradient on the jersey. That means the jersey has two different colours that gradually combine.

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