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Football clothing with custom print

Design your own football clothing with custom print in only 5 minutes

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Football clothing with custom print

Design examples

Do you also need football clothing with custom print for your team?

Our ambition is to be the preferred European supplier of football kits for teams, and we are already well on our way. We offer a wide selection of football clothes in sleek designs and high quality whilst also offering a great price point. See our range and prices below the image.

Custom printed football clothes

Craft Fade football clothes with print

See prices and range

For us custom printed football clothes is not just something you wear to look the same. There is a lot more to football clothes when you as a team have picked it out yourselves, and feel that it represents your values.

Football clothes can bring about feelings of pride, joy and content. We at Sportmonda are all familiar with these feelings from doing team sports at different levels. That is why it is our ambition to help recreate those feelings for the teams who pick us as their supplier for their new football kits.

Our three pillars

We have picked three areas as a special focus when we work with football clothes. High quality, great design and good prices. Our ambition is to be amongst the top suppliers on all three accounts. That is how we create value for money for our customers.

Football clothing - high quality kits

Atmo Pallas football clothes with print

See prices and range

Football clothing should be made with the newest technology and be extra durable. Quality in this context is therefore a description that contains a lot of factors.

The technology employed in the production ensures that the clothes are breathable and wicks away seat. The durability ensures that you can use your clothes for longer. Both areas are of equal importance to us and we constantly strive to guarantee a high level on all quality parameters.

Football clothes - great looking kit designs

Having a nice, eye-catching design is for many teams at the top of their priorities. A great design ensures that you are noticed and helps you send the right kind of signal.

There are parts of design preferences that are wholly subjective. Some might prefer a stylish, classic design whilst others may be more inclined towards neon colours and crazy details. Our ambition is to be able to provide across the spectrum, which we do by offering a broad range of designs but also through supplying a great degree of choice when it comes to custom printing.

Our experience in football clothes also means that we are more than capable of providing you with personalised advice and design assistance, should you require us to do so.

Football clothing - kits at great prices

Macron Wezen Blue football clothes with print

See prices and range

If you are in need of a football kit at a great price point, you have come to the right place. For us it is of the utmost importance that the clothes look great and is of a high quality, but we also strive to always make sure that our customers feel they get a lot of value for their money - and that is what we mean by “a good price.”

We secure the best prices in different ways, and especially through our supplier selection process and working closely with our chosen suppliers.

We have made a conscious decision to not work with some of the big players in the market, as we do not feel you get a better quality from them than you do with our current suppliers. The big brands sell at a much higher price point, which does not match up with our wish to offer value for money.

Football clothes on sale

We rarely run campaigns and special offers on football clothes, but we do still offer some of the best prices on the market.

You can however in most cases unlock one of our discounts. For example, if you order a minimum of 20 kits or if you use our logo as a sponsor print.

Have a closer look at our selection by clicking on the Sportmonda logo in the menu, and please do get in touch should you have any questions or require assistance.

Football clothes for children

We have lots of experience supplying football clothes for children of all ages, from toddlers to pre-teens and beyond. Most of our kits are available at kids’ sizes starting from 6XS or 122. The kits are available in a wide range of colours and can be combined exactly the way you want it.

Children often like to be just like their football heroes and because of this, many parents opt to have their child’s name printed on the back of the jersey when they order a kit from us. Name and number is always included in our prices, which makes it easy to navigate our prices and find exactly what you are looking for.

Football clothes and kits

We offer the option to purchase football clothes or kits privately or corporate. We have a wide range for men, ladies and children from some of the best brands in the world. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for football teams to get their dream kit with custom name and number print. We started out on this mission back in 2013.

Since our inception in a small room in Glostrup, Denmark, we have since moved on to bigger premises and have continued growing. Over the last two years we have expanded our business and now offer football teams in Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany the chance to buy their kit through us.

We only carry brands that we can vouch for. We try out all items or visit the brand HQ to test the quality before making it available to our customers. We have 60 years of combined experience in sports and have a solid understanding of what football players are looking for in a kit.

Design your own football clothes

We have hundreds of combinations for your new football kits. Through our designer service, you can choose from brands such as Joma, Craft, Atmo and Macron who all make high quality team kits in a range of sweat wicking and comfortable materials.

All of our kits can be combined in whichever way you would like, which means if you want red shorts with a yellow jersey that is no problem at al. In our designer tool we have tried to make it as easy as possible to get the coolest kit. That is why all jersey colours are displayed with a matching colour of short as default, giving you the best result.

Jerseys are displayed as short sleeved by default but many of our designs are also available with long sleeves. Click ‘more details’ to see which jerseys are available with long sleeves. When you order, all you have to do is write a note to specify how many of the kits should have short or long sleeves.

Under ‘more details’ you will also be able to see if a style is available for both men and ladies. The ladies option is slightly different as they usually have a more tailored fit. We are more than happy to supply images of the ladies styles if needed.

If while making your order you are unsure about sizing for your new kits you have several options. One is to use our size guide. Here you will find all sizes and measurements. If you run into any issues, do reach out and we shall do our best to help.

The other option is to order a test kit. With test clothing we offer to send you the applicable sizes of the kit you are interested in. That was you get a chance to try on the kits and be 100 per cent sure you get the right size before ordering. We de require a deposit for the clothes, which is returned to you as soon as we receive the clothing from you.

When you are ready to order, all you have to do is put names, number and sizes in the comment sections. This will make our processing and thus delivery time shorter.

Football clothes with print

Can we have our school or company name printed on the jerseys? Can we have more than one sponsor on the jersey? The answers are yes and yes. Most things are possible. The only real restriction to your custom print is the size of the jersey. We can print on all parts of the jersey and shorts, which means you can even have the shoulders or the back of the shorts printed if that is what you want.

We print in one or more colours but this usually depends on the files made available to us. If you want to check whether you new sponsors logo is suitable for print, send your files across and we will check them as soon as possible. Please be advised that the best result comes from using vector files, which will usually end in .svg, .ai or .eps.

If you want to use your own font for the names and numbers to give your jerseys a more unique expression, please send us the font file in OTF or TTF format. You can look for new fonts on either Google Fonts or - however please be advised that in some cases, the distance between letter and number can vary. You may find that the number 1 looks great, but if you write 10 there may be a gap between the numbers. This may result in a less desirable outcome, so we also suggest checking this in your graphics editor before settling on a font.

Football clothes for women

Pretty much all styles on our website are available in a ladies fit. You can see which styles are available for women by clicking ‘more details’. Usually the jersey fit is different on the styles for ladies. The breast section tends to be wider and the waist smaller. If you find in our designer that a style is available in a ladies fit, we usually have images of these available. If you would like to see these images, drop us an email and we will send a few examples.

We are also able to send you the different styles and sizes against a deposit, giving you the chance to try on the jerseys before ordering. Your deposit will be returned to you as soon as we receive the jerseys from you.

Troelsgaard Skills Camp

We love women’s football and have had prominent Danish players such as Lotte Troelsgaard and Sanne Troelsgaard in our clothes. The strong twin sisters who both play on the Danish national team have their own annual football camp for girls. The sister arrange the The Troelsgaard Skills Camp in cooperation with our ambassador,, offering private tutoring for players, coaches and clubs looking to further themselves on the football scene.

Troelsgaard Skills Camp gathers girls from all over Denmark to give them the tools to up their football game. The camp consists of training sessions with Lotte and Sanne as well as sessions with surprise guest coaches, professional coaches and talks from a mental strength coach.

During the camp focus is placed on the individual skills of the girls with the objective of bettering yourself, rather than comparing yourself. The weekend also gives sneak peek into training on an elite level.

Football clothes for teams and clubs

Most clubs choose to purchase football clothes and kits for all their teams in one go. It is often seen that a club will enter into a club deal. Although we do not have a dedicated page for club deals we are more than capable of supplying football clothes for teams and clubs. We have supplied over +35,000 team kits, most of these to established clubs in Denmark.

If you like the look of our range please drop us an email explaining what styles you are looking for and for how many teams. We offer a 10% discount if you order more than 20 kits and 15% if you order over 40 kits.

You also have the option to make use of our sponsor discount. If your team does not have a sponsor, you can opt to use the Sportmonda logo instead, thereby unlocking an additional 10% discount on your purchase.

Custom print on football clothes

You can have your football clothes printed many places. Unfortunately you will often run into a complicated and intransparent process when ordering. Typically a printer will have a minimum order and additionally there will often be a large fee to start the print as well.

Sportmonda has a different approach and have done away with minimum order values and start fees. All of our prices include print to make everything as transparent as possible. Our designer is built with usability in mind making ordering football clothes with print easy. If you have suggestions for how we might be even better we would love to hear from you. You never know where the next great idea might be coming from!

Custom print on football clothes

With Sportmonda there are no limits to printing on your new jerseys. All we require is that you have the right kind of graphic file for the print. We accept the file types .svg, .eps, .ai and .pdf. We can also work with the file types .png and .jpg if the files are in high resolution (typically above 1200 x 1200 pixels).

When we have received the files we always check if they are print ready. If they do not live up to our standards we will always notify you, so you get the choice whether to send to print or not. Before we print we will also provide you with a mock up so you can see exactly where on the clothes your new print will be. We do not print until you have given your approval for your new kit.

When you have approved your jersey print we will compare against the team list provided by yourselves and start production. Delivery times are typically around 14 days from payment - but if we already have the clothes in stock, it may be even faster. You will always be provided with a track & trace number so you can keep an eye on where your parcel is.

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