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Football clothing for indoor football and futsal tournaments

When the football moves into the big indoor facilities it typically means that autumn is upon us and it’s time to play indoors. At this point most players head to the sportswear shops to get a new pair of indoor shoes and some indoor clothing. Sportmonda sells a lot of clothing for indoor football, not just for clubs but also small private and corporate teams.

Football kit for indoor football
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The teams typically use their new clothing for tournaments both in their home country and abroad. Usually they will go for a slightly cheaper kit as often the kits will only be used indoors for one season. One of the cheapest kits we have is the Joma Combi. This kit retails at just below 40 €, which includes shorts and custom print. The kit comes in many different colours and sizes, and is especially well suited for people who have put a brand new team together, and may not have the funds for an expensive Nike kit.

Indoor football clothing

Indoor football is typically played wearing just a jersey and shorts. The normal football socks are not usually worn as they are too warm for indoor play. Most people play in a pair of tennis socks instead as they work better for these circumstances.

Sportmonda specialises in supplying high quality football kits at decent prices. Joma, one of our most popular brands, is currently used by teams such as Villareal, Sevilla, Getafe, Swansea and Atalanta. Additionally we carry brands like Craft, which you may know from their high quality running gear and Italian Macron who have supplied big teams in the Serie A league for years. Amongst these Lazio, Udinese and Bologna.

Futsal vs Indoor football

There are a number of differences between futsal and standard indoor football. We have tried listing out some of the biggest differences:

  1. The barriers
    Indoor football typically has a barrier 1m all around the pitch, whereas in futsal there is no barrier.

  2. The ball
    Indoor football is usually played with a leather ball, much like you do in outdoor football. In futsal you use a smaller ball which is also significantly heavier and less bouncy.

  3. The players
    Indoor football is usually played 4-a-side and there is no real goalkeeper as using your hands is not allowed. In futsal you play 5-a-side with one player as the goalkeeper.

  4. The length of the game
    The length of an indoor football game tends to depend on the tournament, but you can play 1x7 minutes or 2x7 minutes with half-time in between. A futsal match typically lasts 40 minutes (2x20 minutes) and you are allowed one timeout per half when you are in possession. The timeout may last 60 seconds.

  5. The pitch
    In both cases the match is played on a handball pitch.

  6. Kick-in / Throw-in
    When the ball goes over the barriers in indoor football you have to do a throw-in. In futsal you have no barriers and instead use your feet to kick the ball back in. You have a max of four seconds to do this, starting at the signal of the referee. You must execute the kick-in from the spot where the ball went off the pitch.

Where did futsal come from?

Futsal has gained in popularity in recent years. It is believed that it was invented in 1930 by a man called Juan Carlos Ceriani. His goal was to create a sport that could be played both inside and outside, exactly like football. In fact, many of the rules in futsal come from different disciplines.

The five players on the pitch comes from basketball, and the size of the pitch and goal size from handball. The word ‘futsal’ comes from the Spanish word fútbol sala or fútbol de salón and from the Portuguese futebol de salão. These all translate into indoor football.

The best football shoes for indoor football

It can be tough figuring out what kind of football shoe to purchase for indoor football. Many people have raved about the Adidas models ‘Samba’ and ‘Special’. Both models have then characteristic Adidas stripes down the side. The shoe used to be available only in blue but over the years additional styles in a darker blue, black and red colours have become available.

The shoe is particularly well-suited for indoor football as it gives you a great grip and contact surface with the ball. The shoe is also one of the cheaper models available and can often be found in the sale costing as little as 40 EURO.

However other manufacturers also make decent indoor shoes. Nike, Puma and Joma have all presented some good options in recent years. With that said, the most important thing to look for when buying indoor shoes is a solid grip and contact surface ensuring you can handle the ball.

Designing football jerseys for indoor football

Clothes for indoor football
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If your team is in need of football jerseys with print for indoor football we can definitely help. We have supplied small and large teams in Denmark, and carry a range of quality brands like Joma, Macron, Atmo og Craft, each offering designs in a vast array of colours and sizes.

Our prices always include print. You can have as much print on the jersey as you want, but please be advised that the price may change depending on the amount. Our cheapest team kit comes at a price of just 40 € including name, number and logo print in one colour. That means even students would be able to afford a great team kit.

Design your own custom printed football kit for indoor use

We have made it incredibly easy to design your own kits. Choose your jersey in our design tool and we give you our recommendations for shorts and socks. This helps you get the right combination of colours and a stylish result.
In our design tool you can choose whether you want a club or sponsor logo on your clothes. You can do this by selecting the tabs called ‘Print’ and ‘Sponsor’. The price may change depending on whether you require one or two colours for your print.

If you buy more than 20 kits at the same time, we give you a discount of 10%. You may also make use of our Sportmonda sponsorship discount. If you choose to use our logo in place of an external sponsor logo, we give you an additional 10% discount on your order. So say you order 12 kits with the Sportmonda logo, you get a combined discount of 20%.

Want to have a go at designing your own team kit? Click this link!

Indoor football jerseys with custom print for clubs

If you need to get your clothes sorted before your next tournament we can help. We have played sports on all levels and know what it means, as a player, to be able to pull on a great looking football jersey. If your club funds won’t cover the cost of an expensive Adidas or Nike kit, you will likely find many of our options attractive. We carry a range of high quality brands with jerseys in awesome designs.

One of the benefits of buying from us is that we do not use third party printers. That means we have full control of the entire process, from unpacking the boxes to printing them and shipping to you. Our delivery time is a mere 14 days from finalised payment. We always deliver each jersey individually wrapped, so that each player get the pleasure of unwrapping their new clothes themselves.

If needed, we are more than happy to discuss a club deal. To enquire about your options, drop us an email on

Football kits with own name and number for indoor football - how do I order?

Team kit for indoor tournaments

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The first thing you have to do is to design your team kit on our site. Here you will find a range of designs from brands like Joma and Macron. Under the tab ‘Design’ you indicate whether you need socks for your kit. These are not included as standard, as many teams use regular tennis socks for indoor football. The price of socks is a small addition to the total price. When you have decided on your base design, it’s time to customise.

Jersey print - make it personal

Choosing the ‘Print’ tab will take you to where you select the font you want for your jerset. All of our fonts live up to the standards as set out by the Danish Football Union, so you may feel safe choosing either option. You also have the option to select the colour of your print. The available print colours vary from design to design as a white jersey would not work with a white print.

One of our most popular options for print colour is gold. This gives your jersey and elegant and stylish look and works great with most of our darker jerseys. Next you decide whether to add your club logo. We print this for free if all of your print is in one colour.

When you have made all your choices for your personalised print, you can also opt to add a sponsor logo. This is done under the ‘Sponsor’ tab. If you choose a sponsor logo please be advised this comes at an additional fee.

Ready to order your football kit?

The last thing we need from you is for you to tell us how many players you are and what sizes you require. If you need a goalkeeper kit, please let us know as well. Many of our kits come with long sleeves. You can see which by clicking ‘More details’ next to the jersey model name.

When you have selected ‘Get quote’ all you have to do is wait. We will reply within 8 hours and will let you know if we need additional detail. When you have approved our quote, we forward an order confirmation and start processing the order. Typically we deliver within 14 days. Remember: we don’t have a minimum order value, so if you only need i.e. 3 or 5 kits or would like to supplement a previous order, we can help you with that too.

If you have any questions in regards to ordering your next indoor kit, we are always ready to help.

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