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Player kits with custom print

Design your own player kits with custom print for your team in only 5 minutes

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Player kits with custom print

Design examples

Do you also need player kits with custom print for your team?

When you choose Sportmonda to supply your next player’s kit you get a partner that always focuses on high quality, great designs and decent prices. Over recent years we have supplied player kits to a long line of satisfied teams in disciplines such as football, handball, basketball and flag football.

Big selection of player’s kits at decent prices

player’s kit from Joma for i.e. football

Start your design

We believe it is important to have a wide selection of designs and colours to choose from and at the moment have more than 200 design and colour combinations for football jerseys. This helps ensure that most teams will be able to find a design and colour that works for their individual needs.

We primarily use three different suppliers when it comes to player’s kits. These three suppliers have been chosen because of how they align with a range of different requirements to quality, design and price. Based on this we feel these suppliers are amongst the best when it comes to the set criteria.

Players’ kits from Italian brand Macron

The Italian brand Macron is making a name for itself on the international scene through sponsoring teams like Napoli (IT), Aston Villa (GB) and Lazio (IT). Macron may not be a brand that is well-known in all of Europe yet, but when it comes to quality they really hit the spot.

Macron continuously work to develop the technology used in the making of their clothing and this is one of the reasons their breathability and quality are some of the best in the market.

Aside from the high quality Macron is also your guarantee for great designs. This is one of the reasons that the Kuma kit from Macron was our best selling kit over a long period of time. Historically Macron have released 2-3 new models each season, always keeping their portfolio of kits up to date. The time of year where the new designs are presented feels like Christmas to our team.

Player’s kits from Spanish brand Joma

The Spanish brand Joma, also specialising in sportswear, has really captured our hearts in recent years. The fantastic designs i.e. Crew II and their new Tiger jerseys, are in our opinions some of the best looking options available on the market right now.

The quality of the Joma player kits are at the top of the market as well, all with a price point considerably below the biggest brands. You really get your money’s worth here.

Joma as a brand is particularly well-known in South America where they sponsor several large clubs and national teams. However they have also started making a name for themselves in Europe through sponsorships of larger clubs. Today several teams in Serie A a and La Liga play in Joma clothing. Amongst these one can mention Fiorentina (IT), Palermo (IT), Granada (E) and Getafe (E).

Football player kits from Danish ATMO

We recently added the Danish sportswear brand ATMO to our portfolio. ATMO aligns with our own vision and requirements by focusing on great design and high quality at decent prices.

We expect ATMO to considerably expand upon their range over the coming seasons, which will benefit all of you if they manage to go on in the same style they opened.

If you are looking for new player kits we can absolutely recommend having a closer look at the ATMO kits.

Player kits are about feelings too

The player’s kit Joma for football or handball

Start your design

Sportmonda was founded in 2013 by three young people with a real passion for sports. We love sports and have always felt that equipment and uniforms should be of a certain standard. As players of sports like football, flag football and handball we found it difficult to find a supplier of uniforms who could live up to our expectations. This was our motivation behind the founding of Sportmonda and ultimately becoming Europe’s preferred supplier of sports uniforms.
For us uniforms are not just something you wear for sports. For us the right uniform can bring about a lot of positive feelings like pride, joy and a sense of team unity. We still feel this way if we all get into a great uniform. This is whether we are at a big tournament or a casual training match, the feeling of unity and pride is no less just because the event is smaller.

We want to help the teams who buy uniforms from us to feel that way too. We are not saying you’ll be better at your sport because you are wearing a cool uniform, but we also don’t feel one should underestimate the influence of psychological aspects of the game, i.e. a sense of pride.

The uniform your are looking for

We have a basic ambition of always being able to supply exactly the kind of player’s kit you are looking for. That is why we give you the option to combine jerseys, shorts and socks exactly the way you want it. We don’t put down limitations in this regard and also provide the option to choose your own custom, personalised print including placement, font, colours etc.

While giving you a high degree of choice, we also wanted to make it easy for those of you who may not want to design your kit from scratch. In our design tool we provide a selection of templates and packages that make it easy to pick a full player’s kit including name and number print. This is whether we are talking about player kits for handball, football, floorball or something completely different.

Templates and experience

As mentioned we have set up a selection of templates and default standards for things like fonts. This is to aid those of you who are not in need of a highly specialised solution. If that is you, we give you a choice between 6 different fonts.

We are always willing to help you with the design process and our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our customers. To make this possible, we always make sure we have sufficient information to print your player kits.

Another example of how we have simplified the process for you is in regards to the sizing and placement of the print. If you want your name and number on the jerseys, we have a standard setting for the placement and size - unless of course you have specific requirements. The same applies to logos and sponsor print etc.

Football player’s kit Joma

Start your design

Player kits for all needs

Regardless of your football association or tournament requirements, we are certain we will have a player’s kit to suit your needs.

To us a ‘decent price’ means value for money and we always strive towards creating that feeling for our customers. That is why we carry player kits at many different price points with custom printed jerseys starting at just 40 € incl. VAT and print.

Considering the high quality we always ensure in our entire stock, this price is nearly unheard of. We hope this gives more teams the option to purchase a kit they feel happy about and proud of.

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