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Running gear with logo - design and buy running shirts

Are you looking for running gear with your business logo? Then we can help. Our range includes a wide variety of designs and colours for both men and women. We have supplied some of the biggest Danish businesses. With us you get the option to place your company logo on the front or the back of the t-shirt. You also get to choose the colour of the print yourselves. We are able to print in almost all colours, so if you are looking for a specific Pantone hue do let us know, and we will find the right solution for you.

We offer print in either one colour as included in our standard pricing, or more colours at an additional fee. You can also choose to add more logos or text to the shirt. The only limit to the amount of print is the physical size of the shirt itself.

Running gear with logo

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Running gear with custom print

In order to stand out and aid brand awareness most businesses opt to have their logo printed on the running shirts. That makes sense. At corporate races like the DHL relay in Copenhagen more than 200,000 runners take part and chances for exposure are plentiful. That is also why some companies choose to experiment with their colours. Some opt for ‘safer’ colours like black, navy and green. Some go for more left-field options like neon orange and neon yellow. Typically this is related to what kind of business they represent as many of the big corporations are subject to strict brand guidelines. If you are ready to order browse our range for your next running shirts and send us your logo in an email. It’s that easy.

Custom printed running jackets

If you are looking for running jackets we can supply that too. We carry both tight and loose fit running jackets. We do not currently have these listed on our website, but are more than happy to send you images of the available styles. Should you be interested we can handle the entire order via email, and potentially send you a sample (against a deposit) giving you a chance to try it on before buying.

Running shirts for children and youth

Sportmonda also gives you the option to order running gear for children and young people. Our sizes start at 6XS on most styles. All of our running shirts are made for an active everyday life - whether for school races or just playing in the school yard. Our clothing comes from reputable brands like Fruit, Craft, Newline and Joma, all of whom make functional, comfortable and quick-drying clothing. Like everything else used by children the clothing will need washing at some point. However, custom printed sportswear requires a slightly different treatment to make sure the print stays intact as long as possible. Never wash at above 30 celsius and avoid tumble drying. If the clothes smell particularly sweaty or moldy use a specialised sports detergent. Most large supermarkets will sell one or more options.

Where do I send my business logo to?

To get the best print result we prefer to receive your logo as a ‘vector’. These files scale up and down easily and without pixelating or losing sharpness. Their files endings are: .eps, .svg or .pdf. Typically your marketing department or another dedicated design department within your company will have these files. In some cases we may also be able to use image formats like .png or .jpg. If this is the only format you have we ask that they be of a high resolution.

If you are unsure whether your logo is print ready do send us an email. We will be able to tell quickly whether your logo is suitable for print.

Why should we buy running gear for our staff?

When you dress your staff in matching clothes for an event, it gives your team a sense a unity. This is important in all businesses. It also signals a focus on health and wellbeing for your staff. The running gear can be seen as a gift, which means your staff won’t have to purchase expensive running gear for private use. This also means your brand gets an extra dose of visibility and brand awareness beyond corporate events. Many people who are given running gear from their employers make use of it outside work, running routes in big cities, on their road etc. Your logo may get seen by quite a lot of people this way.

Running shirts for corporate races

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How do we order running gear with logo from you?

We have made it incredibly easy to order running gear from us. You won’t find a confusing catalogue full of strange names. All you have to do is find a running shirt you like on our website and send us a message with your questions and requirements. We will then send you a quote for the amount of shirts you have picked.

If you like the sound of the quote we need your logo to proceed. We will then pull together a mockup of the clothes for you. Once everything has been approved we will start production. Your new clothing should be with you within 14 days. If you need it sooner than this please let us know. We may have your required style in stock and be able to deliver faster. You may pay for your order by bank transfer or credit card - whatever works for you!

Ordering clothing for other people can be tricky. You want for everyone to have exactly what they wanted and you don’t want to misfire on the sizing. These are some of the biggest concerns when someone is ordering on behalf of others. We have acknowledged this and offer businesses the opportunity to order a selection of test shirts so that their staff may try on the shirts and pick a size. All we need from you is a deposit equal to the value of the clothing, which is of course returned in full upon receipt of the returned clothing.

A business may for example order 3-4 different sizes of a specific style and have their staff try them on one by one. This is the best way to ensure everyone gets the right size and best result. Please note: We do not custom print the test clothing with your logo.

If you are short on time this probably won’t work. In those situations we would refer to our size guide. In the size guide you may find an overview of the different fits, and a few explanations as to what i.e. semi-fitted means to the wearer.

Competitive running history

It is believed that humans developed the ability to run around 4.5 million years ago. But it was not until 1800 B.C. that competitive running came about as part of religious festivals. This happened in Greece, Egypt, Asia and parts of Africa. Tailteann Games, an Irish sports festival in honour of goddess Tailtiu is the oldest competitive race on record, taking place in 1829 B.C. Later on the Olympic Games entered the scene where marathon was registered as a discipline around 776 B.C.

Fastest runner on the 100m distance

The fastest speed ever recorded by a runner was *’44.7 km/ph. This speed was recorded when Usain Bolt became the fastest man in the world, running 100m in just 9.58 seconds** at the World Championships in Berlin on 16 August 2009. The record has stood ever since which is over a decade. He also holds the second and third fastest records on 100m.

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