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Uniforms with custom print

Design your own team uniforms with custom print in only 5 minutes

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Uniforms with custom print

Design examples

Do you also need team uniforms with custom print?

Sportmonda sells and custom prints uniforms for teams in a wide range of different sports, i.e. football, handball, basketball, floorball and flag football. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and impressive products.

Examples of uniforms

Football uniforms - Craft

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Our primary suppliers of uniforms count Italian brand Macron, Spanish Joma and Scandinavian Craft. There are multiple reasons why we have chosen to work with these manufacturers, but most importantly they all share a dedication to great looking, high quality uniforms - all at a decent price level.

Below we have pulled together a few examples of player kits from two suppliers, which may give you some inspiration for your next uniform.

Craft Progress football uniforms

Craft football uniforms

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If you like horizontal stripes these football uniforms are a great choice. Many brands have had a go at the art of the horizontal stripe over the years. We think Craft have created a solid contender for a classic design with their Progress jersey.

The Craft Progress uniforms come in a large selection of colours, but we must admit we love the pink version a little bit. Saying that, Craft have really nailed many of the other colour combinations.

With these uniforms you will get a garment of a fantastic quality. Progress is made from polyester which is characterised by its compact and strong surface. This will look and feel great to wear. At the same time the material is rather light, giving superb comfort.

Macron Wezen uniforms

Macron uniforms
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Wezen was added to the Macron portfolio of uniforms in 2017. These uniforms are modern yet stylish and simple. The Wezen jersey are some of the best jerseys in the market in terms of quality.

The Wezen player jerseys are currently available in 6 different colours. It is likely that this number will increase in the future as this is one of Macron’s best sellers.

Wezen is made from polyester, a material made from polyester thread. Jerseys in polyester are some of the most comfortable of their kind, if you want our opinion. The Wezen jersey benefits from added ‘micro mesh’ in strategic placements giving this garment a fantastic breathability and air circulation.

Macron Alphard football uniforms

The Alphard uniforms from Italian brand Macron are some of our most popular uniforms. This is probably because of their great looking designs and best-in-class quality.

With an Alphard uniform you can be sure to be noticed while at the same time benefiting from a kit that feels light and airy.

The Alphard football uniforms are made from polyester, which is a light and comfortable material for the wearer. Micro mesh has been added in strategic spots to ensure air circulation throughout.

Alphard in the colour blue was previously one of our bestselling football kits. When you add a white print to this uniform you get a very attractive kit where modern meets classic.

Buying uniforms - a process full of choice

We believe in a high degree of choice for our customers. That is why we give you the opportunity to combine jerseys and shorts exactly how you prefer it. We don’t ask you to buy set packages either (i.e. 20+1). With us you may buy exactly the number of uniforms you actually need.

We sold our first uniforms in the spring 2013 and have since then built a large selection of uniforms and other sportswear with custom print. We exclusive use a handful of suppliers, all of which have been picked according to strict criteria such as quality, design and price. This way we can ensure both great products and a wide range of available goods.

Choosing your uniform base design

Joma football uniforms

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The first part of the design and purchase process will be finding a base design that is right for you. At the moment we are able to offer over 40 different base designs for uniforms, each available in several different colours. This alone gives you bundles of choice.

Some teams already have a clear idea of what colour they want. Others have decided on specific designs such as stripes while some are open to anything. Whichever group you belong to, we are certain that you will find a base design you love in our large offering.

Choosing colours for base design and print

When you have picked a base design for your uniforms, this will often be a good time to have a think about what colours you want for your uniform and print. In some cases these decisions will happen simultaneously, but they may also follow each other.

Depending on the chosen base design you will usually find your options numbering between 4 and 20 different colour combinations.

After having picked the colour of the uniform itself, you should choose a colour for the print. A traditional approach would be picking a contrasting colour to the jersey, however sometimes unconventional pairings work great too.

Fonts, design and placement of print on uniforms for football

The last step in the process is perhaps the most important. This is where you will be given the chance to make your uniforms completely unique to you.

When talking about fonts we usually do not have any restrictions as long as we can access the appropriate file. We find that most team have not settled on a specific font, and are always ready to make recommendations and suggestions should this be required.

One of the other design choices you have to make is in regards to the other elements of your jerseys, i.e. placement of logo, name, number, team name and so forth. We’ve drawn up a number of standard settings that you may make use of, ensuring that the placement lives up to current regulations. However, should you have a clear idea about something that is different from these, it is also possible to do it your own way.

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